Clot, Itchy And Yellowish Discharge?

Illustration of Clot, Itchy And Yellowish Discharge?
Illustration: Clot, Itchy And Yellowish Discharge?

, I want to ask. These few days my vagina feels itchy and feels like I have stuck with something, I think there is a buildup of tissue in my vagina every time I clean my vagina after urinating, but I’m not too sure. lumpy and slightly cream in color and unusually itchy and red in the vagina. And also feels sore when urinating. What do you think I experienced? Is the estimated cause that I submitted correct? And how to handle it can I do it myself?

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Hello, Thank you for the question.

A woman is said to experience normal vaginal discharge if the color is clear, slightly whitish, odorless, does not cause itching or burning in the female area. The vaginal discharge you are experiencing includes abnormal vaginal discharge which can be caused by:

sexually transmitted infections
bacterial vaginosis
yeast infection of the vagina, also known as vaginal candidiasis

inflammation of the vagina, inflammation of the cervix, or inflammation of the pelvis

Vaginal discharge with lumpy and itchy characteristics is usually caused by a yeast infection of the vagina. However, of course this must be confirmed by a doctor's examination. Please consult your doctor directly. The doctor needs to ask further questions about your complaint and conduct an examination of you, namely a cervical examination, pelvic examination, and examination of vaginal discharge in the laboratory to determine the cause. After knowing the cause, the new doctor can determine the right treatment for you.

Please follow these recommendations:

avoid intercourse until you have recovered
hindair uses feminine cleanser
keep the female area clean and dry
do not wear tights
wear underwear that absorbs sweat easily

Hope this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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