Clots Or White Spots Resembling Sperm On The Penis?

Illustration of Clots Or White Spots Resembling Sperm On The Penis?
Illustration: Clots Or White Spots Resembling Sperm On The Penis?

I want to ask, I haven’t had sex or masturbated for 4 months, nor have I had wet dreams r nIn the last few months I feel like every pee is incomplete r nAnd sometimes I find white fluids like solid sperm r nBut no Nuri is like fanciful r nIs that normal?

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Hello Damar

Clots or white spots resembling sperm on the penis are probably smegma, smegma itself is a collection of oil deposits or dead skin tissue, this condition is not a disease because everyone experiences it. In men who are not circumcised, the buildup of smegma tends to occur in the inner area of ​​the foreskin of the penis, however, even men who are circumcised can still experience smegma buildup. but if every day the penis is regularly cleaned by pulling the foreskin and rubbing the penis and washing it, the buildup of this smegam can be prevented.

The presence of smegma is generally not dangerous, but if the amount is excessive, it will become a medium for germs to grow so that it can cause pain, swelling, itching, and redness. Smegma is also associated as a risk factor for cervical cancer in your partner, however, as long as the penis is cleaned regularly, the buildup of smegma can be prevented, and this risk factor can be minimized.

In addition to the presence of echoes of other medical conditions that are also a consideration for complaints in the form of a sperm-like fluid accompanied by a feeling of incomplete urine is

Gonorrhea, or better known as gonorrhea Chlamydia Epididymitis Orchitis Urinary tract infection
Of course, an assessment by a doctor needs to be done first, in order to ascertain what condition Damar is actually experiencing at this time, a physical examination and a question and answer session regarding Damar's medical history will provide the necessary information in planning the right treatment or medical procedure.

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