Clotted Bleeding Accompanied By Headache And Lower Left Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Clotted Bleeding Accompanied By Headache And Lower Left Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Clotted Bleeding Accompanied By Headache And Lower Left Abdominal Pain?

Hello, I want to ask, it’s been 6 days since I had bleeding accompanied by blood clots, my head hurt plus my lower left stomach was churning, my appetite was reduced. what kind of disease and medicine to reduce it?

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Hi NurAyani,

Thank you for asking

Which bleeding do you mean? Is it from the birth canal?

Bleeding from the congested birth canal accompanied by headache, lower left abdominal pain, and also decreased appetite should be checked directly by your doctor. Although often this condition is not dangerous, in some rare cases, this series of complaints can also arise due to serious causes, such as interrupted ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb).

Pregnancy normally occurs in the uterus. However, due to several factors, it can also be implanted outside the uterus (often in the fallopian tube). This condition can cause the body to think of it as a foreign object that must be removed. As a result, there will be contraction of the uterine muscles that are severe enough to release the results of the fertilization, causing the sufferer to experience heavy bleeding, very severe abdominal pain, and various other complaints, such as nausea, vomiting, cold sweat, chills, decreased appetite, dizziness, headache, and so on. This condition needs to be checked immediately to a doctor or obstetrician. Because, if you do not get adequate treatment, an ectopic pregnancy can cause the sufferer to experience bleeding and very severe pain, to the point of perforation into the pelvic cavity which can be life threatening, even cause death.

Not only is the ectopic pregnancy disturbed, it may also be that your complaint arises for other reasons, for example:

Abortion (miscarriage)

Myoma (benign uterine muscle tumor)

Ovarian cysts (fluid-filled sacs in the ovaries)

Endometriosis (abnormal growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus)
Abnormalities in other organ systems, such as dyspepsia, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, appendicitis, stones or infections in the urinary tract, blood clotting disorders, and so on

As we have explained above, it's a good idea to check your complaint directly with your doctor so that you can have a more in-depth look at what is the cause of your complaint. Further examinations, for example x-rays, ultrasound, laboratory, and so on, the doctor may also do in order to identify the cause and the best treatment for your complaint. If it is true that the cause of your complaint is an interrupted ectopic pregnancy, then the doctor can give you several types of drugs to perform surgery to resolve it.

Currently, you can first compress the sore area of ​​your stomach with warm water while getting plenty of rest. You can also take paracetamol to improve your headaches and abdominal pain. Get used to eating regularly (even if you don't have an appetite) and drinking enough. Always keep your intimate organs clean so that they are clean from bleeding and the risk of infection. Do not forget, avoid stress, anxiety, or excessive panic.

Hope it helps ..

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