Clotted Bleeding Resembles Dagin And Positive Testpack Results?

Illustration of Clotted Bleeding Resembles Dagin And Positive Testpack Results?
Illustration: Clotted Bleeding Resembles Dagin And Positive Testpack Results?

I want to ask .. I’m late menstruation udh 1 month ago I testpeg 2 times I am positively pregnant .. But I do not experience symptoms of morningsickness but, I experience cravings and emotional changes .. Udh entered the age of 2 months I experienced bleeding and then I checked go to an obstetrician and do an ultrasound … My uterus is empty, and the doctor said the uterus is also small for 2 months of pregnancy 7 cm in size of my uterus … Then the doctor said I wasn’t pregnant doctor .. But after returning when I wanted to take a bath there I came out like a doctor in the form of baby’s meat in my opinionšŸ˜­ .. What I want to ask is whether I’m pregnant or is delayed menstrual blood? If I am pregnant, is it because my uterus is small so the baby is falling? Please answer yes doctor .. My first pregnancy so I’m a bit confused r nThank you

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Hi Ghea,

Thank you for asking

Positive testpack results often do occur due to pregnancy. But besides that, there are many other conditions that can also cause positive testpack results, even though the woman is not pregnant (false positive), for example due to improper testpack procedures, urine contaminated by bacteria or drugs, to disorders in pregnancy, for example blank pregnancy (blighted ovum), miscarriage (abortion), pregnancy outside the uterus (ectopic pregnancy), and so on. Therefore, the results of this testpack need to be confirmed again by a more accurate examination, for example ultrasound (ultrasonography). With this examination, if it is true that you are pregnant, you will see a thickening of the uterine lining, the sac of pregnancy, accompanied by a fetus in it.

If the results of your ultrasound examination show no signs of pregnancy at all, of course it means you are not currently pregnant. When referring to the time of your menstrual delay that has reached 2 months, then that means, if you are pregnant, your fetus is already large enough, so it should be easily observed by an ultrasound examination.

Your condition that has clot like meat may be caused by regular menstruation. Because menstrual blood is not released directly from the body, blood can indeed clot so that a mass resembles flesh as you experience it. It could also, menstrual bleeding clot due to endometriosis, myoma, pelvic inflammation, uterine polyps, or various other problems in your reproductive organs. Delay menstruation that you experience before, could be purely caused by impaired hormonal balance, for example, which is affected by fatigue, mental stress, side effects of birth control, bad body weight is not ideal, to an unhealthy lifestyle. The changes in emotions and cravings that you experience can be part of pre menstrual syndrome.

Our advice, you don't need to worry or worry too much. If your bleeding has stopped at this time, and the doctor did not state any dangerous conditions from the tests that have been done, chances are your condition is not dangerous. The size of the uterus can vary in each woman, but generally ranges from 7.5 cm in length, 5 cm in width, and also 2.5 cm in thickness. Large or small size of the uterus does not directly describe a person's fertility.

You should focus on always doing a healthy lifestyle, including resting regularly, exercising regularly, eating foods that are of balanced nutritional value, and managing stress wisely. With this effort, hormonal balance, including hormones that regulate menstruation and fertility can be more awake. If you are planning a pregnancy, you can have regular sexual relations with your partner every 2 to 3 days, accompanied by direct fertility checks to the doctor or obstetrician.

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