Cloudy Amniotic Fluid

Illustration of Cloudy Amniotic Fluid
Illustration: Cloudy Amniotic Fluid

Doc, my child was 2 weeks old … but when I gave birth, the midwife said my amniotic fluid was cloudy, the midwife asked me if I drank herbal medicine or bitter bitterness … even though I did not drink herbal slma pregnant doc … I was so scared does that condition affect my baby ??

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Turbid membranes can occur due to various conditions. Under normal circumstances Ir amniotic fluid is cloudy but does not smell. If the amniotic fluid has turned greenish and smells and a fever arises in the mother's right, it indicates an abnormality in the amniotic fluid.

Some causes of cloudy amniotic fluid among other things:

 Chorioamnionitis, infection of the sac and amniotic fluid before or during labor. Amniotic fluid mixed with meconium, for example, during the month of pregnancy depends on the cause of the complaint. If the baby experiences complaints such as fever immediately consult a doctor for further examination and treatment.

For now keep breastfeeding as the most important nutrient for your baby and avoid giving extra food. For the future it's good not to carelessly take herbs or bitterness or consult a doctor if you want to consume something while pregnant.

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