Clumps Of Meat During Menstruation Is Normal?

Illustration of Clumps Of Meat During Menstruation Is Normal?
Illustration: Clumps Of Meat During Menstruation Is Normal?

, today is the third day of my menstruation after only 2 months I joined the injection program (3 months), my first month did not get menstruation only brown spots, my second month but my blood incentation was not as much as before I joined, a lump of meat about the length of an adult’s little finger. What I want to ask: 1. is it a result of KB? 2. is that normal? You see, I felt pain in the waist before the lump came out. Thank you

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Hi Endah,

Did you get birth control during menstruation? If not during menstruation, are you certain you are not pregnant during a family planning injection? 3-month KB injections contain the hormone progestin which is effective in preventing pregnancy, but in some women can cause side effects. One of the side effects of family planning injections is menstrual disorders, be it late menstruation, bleeding outside of menstruation, more or less menstrual blood, longer or shorter menstrual periods, and irregular periods.

The complaint that you are feeling right now can be a side effect of birth control. In general, if blood clots are only occasionally likely still within normal limits, especially when menstruation is "heavy". However, if many times or large enough lumps, there are several other conditions that need to be considered, including miscarriage in pregnancy that is not realized, hormonal disorders, myomas, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and malignancy.

For now, you can try to get enough rest, avoid activities and sports that are too heavy, record the amount of blood (for example, record how many times to change pads in a day), and keep the vaginal area clean.

If later you experience menstruation with a large blood clot again or accompanied by menstrual pain that is more severe than usual, you should consult a gynecologist so that you can be examined directly to ensure the cause so that you can get more appropriate treatment. Make sure you are on time when you do the KB injection.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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