Cocobacillus Bacteria In The Pap Smear Examination?

Squamous epithelial cells showed no abnormalities accompanied by cocobacillus, bacillus vaginalis and leukocyte cells were not found abnormal / malignant cells.

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The Pap smear is a mandatory examination for women who are married or have had sexual relations before. Pap smear is mandatory once every year. In women who showed abnormal results at the time of the previous pap smear it is recommended as often as possible. On the results of the pap smear you gave there was no malignancy or cervical cancer. However, there are signs of inflammation in the cervical area, namely the presence of leukocytes. This can be caused by

sexual intercourse,
use of tampons,
washing the vagina with certain soaps, and
use of hormonal and intrauterine birth control

The bacteria that are in the cervix are cocobacillus bacteria. Cocobacillus that is on the cervix are Gardnerella vaginalis and Chlamydia trachomatis. In order to know the cause, it is necessary to stain the bacteria. It is necessary to ask again if there are other complaints such as vaginal discharge, itching, smell, and sometimes accompanied by painful urination. We recommend that you consult a Gynecologist or you can use the chat feature with a doctor which can be downloaded at

Suggestions that can be done:

Change your underwear if it gets wet
Washing the pubic area from front to back, especially after defecating
Change your underwear frequently
Frequently changing pads during menstruation
Using a condom during sexual intercourse
Not changing partners for both partners and sufferers
Not using feminine detergent too often

That's my explanation, hopefully it will answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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