Cold Cough Accompanied By Fever 3 Days?

Illustration of Cold Cough Accompanied By Fever 3 Days?
Illustration: Cold Cough Accompanied By Fever 3 Days?

I want to ask, after I slept on a bed that smells of cigarettes belonging to my friend, I got a fever for 3 days from Friday to Sunday, after the fever recovered plus a cough that began on Sunday until now which is getting worse every day. I already took cough medicine in the form of syrup, I coughed up the flu without phlegm and colds almost 1 minute, I happened to be a passive smokerWhat is the solution

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Hello Grace,

Is there still a fever today? Are there complaints of swallowing pain? Complaints from coughs and colds are often caused by viral infections and can improve on their own in a few days with adequate rest and good nutrition. But sometimes in addition to viral infections, coughs and colds can also be caused due to allergies and bacterial infections, if this happens, further treatment by a doctor will be given.

To help maa healing, you can do the following tips:

Get plenty of rest Consumption of healthy and nutritious food Consumption of food or warm drinks Diligent hand washing Use a mask when driving or when meeting other people Try to avoid cigarette smoke Adjust the room temperature to be comfortable but not too cold If you have consumed cold medicines that are sold freely but complaints does not improve within 3 days, or you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, high fever, coughing up blood, or swallowing pain, you should consult a doctor directly so that further tests can be done to ascertain your condition so that the doctor can decide on additional treatment You need.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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