Cold Feet And Tired?

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My feet feel cold when I step on without sandals and my head often feels dizzy..what action should I take? let me come back healthy

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Hi Reno,

Thanks for the question at Conditions where the soles of the feet and complaints in the form of headaches can be influenced by many factors involved, fatigue is one of the factors that trigger this condition, so that eventually the complaint appears due to not fulfilling sufficient recovery for the body. Apart from fatigue, the following conditions also need to be considered:

Stress and burden of thoughts, worry, anxiety, guilt, fear, and so on

Lack of sleep

Thyroid hormone disorders

Tension-type headache

The presence of infection, usually this condition triggers a fever and is accompanied by complaints from the source of the infection, such as coughs and colds, digestive infections, and others. However, some infections can have very mild growth symptoms such as tuberculosis


Seeing that there are quite a lot of possibilities that happen to you, it is necessary to do a further assessment of yourself, through a basic health examination and a more structured medical interview as an initial provision to determine the root of the problem you are currently experiencing. There are many types of blood tests, for example, routine blood tests which consist of checking the levels of hemoglobin, platelets, leukocytes, and hematocrit may be able to describe the presence or absence of infection, but routine blood tests cannot detect other conditions such as the presence or absence of auto-immune conditions, the presence or absence of an immune system. hormonal imbalance, etc. As for some suggestions for you to do as an initial treatment are

Get enough rest and sleep, try not to overdo it or not, because these two things can trigger headaches, weakness, neck tension.

Eat on time 3x a day, the condition of eating late, can trigger a feeling of palpitations, hands and feet become cold, dizzy, weak. So don't procrastinate eating

Eat a balanced nutritious diet. But don't overdo it, because it can make you weak

Avoid consuming instant food and drinks, fast food, and those containing preservatives

That's my information, I hope it's useful.


dr. juniar

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