Cold In 7 Month Baby?

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Hi, I want to ask, my first child is 3,4 years old and weighs 13 kg. have a cold. It’s been 2 days, and what medicine were you given?

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Hello, thanks for your question.

A cold is an inflammation of the nose, sinus tract, throat and upper respiratory tract due to a viral infection. Viral infections and colds can be experienced by anyone, but babies and children are among the groups that are susceptible to being infected or infected. This is because the immune system is not as perfect as adults.

A person who is experiencing a cold will experience the following symptoms:

A nose that blows snot. Frequent sneezing. Frequent cough. Breathing is not smooth due to nasal congestion. Feeling unwell. Hoarseness. The common cold is a viral disease that is generally classified as mild. This condition does not require special treatment. If your child has a cold, here are some suggestions:

Keep giving enough water or fluids. Expand vegetables and fruits Avoid fatty and oily foods. Set it to keep the room temperature warm. In children over 1 year of age, support the head with a slightly elevated pillow while sleeping. Take vitamins, especially vitamin C. Apply warm balsam or oil. But be careful not to irritate the skin. Enough rest. Although colds do not require a specific therapy, there are medications that work to help reduce symptoms. For example, drugs containing antihistamines that help to reduce mucus production, decongestants for nasal congestion, saline nasal drops also to relieve nasal congestion, paracetamol or ibuprofen to help reduce fever.

In cases of colds in children, it is recommended to consult a doctor if cold symptoms are accompanied by fever under 6 months of age, symptoms last more than 3 weeks, symptoms that get worse or worrying (eg shortness of breath, difficulty eating or drinking).

Doctors prescribe drugs, including cold medicines for children by conducting an examination and establishing a diagnosis first. So if your child needs treatment for a cold, please consult a doctor directly. So that doctors can determine the right diagnosis and treatment.

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