Cold Remedy Suitable For Premature Babies?

My child is only 2 months old, my twins are born 32 weeks prematurely, now I have a cold and it’s hard to drink milk, because breast milk is not coming out for our mothers, we always give milk for them? What are the recommendations for a powerful cold medicine for premature babies?

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Babies born prematurely often experience problems with breastfeeding due to their weak sucking ability. This condition is often misinterpreted as inadequate milk production, when in fact it is not. All mothers who have been pregnant and gave birth to their true will be able to also breastfeed their babies with sufficient milk according to the needs of the baby. It's just that, indeed, harder efforts are needed to support the success of breastfeeding, especially in the condition of your wife who has twins.

Giving formula milk to babies at an early age can cause the baby's endurance to be less than optimal so that it is easier to get infections, including respiratory infections. Not only that, the media giving inappropriate formula milk, such as pacifiers, is also susceptible to making babies choke and so inflamed their respiratory tract. Furthermore, improper breastfeeding in sensitive infants can also trigger allergies. These conditions are the possibilities that make your baby run into a cold. Colds will certainly make the process of breastfeeding uncomfortable, so babies often become more fussy and have trouble sleeping because of it.

Our advice, you are not in a hurry to give your baby medicine, especially at the age of only 2 months. Most colds in infants are a mild condition and can heal on their own without the need for special treatment. Do the following steps first:

Support your wife to do relaxation (breastfeeding again), how to: Replace the media giving formula milk with a spoon or cup feeder, not a pacifier Breast milk regularly 1 to 3 hours, save in the right way Expand drink and eat nutritious foods, do not be tired , adequate rest so that milk production increases After milk increases again, teach the baby to suckle directly from the breast After the baby begins to suckle directly from the breast, slowly, reduce the frequency of formula feeding Don't stress Share the role in caring for the baby Make sure the environment where the baby lives is always clean , free from dust mites, smoke (including cigarette smoke), pollution, regularly replaced curtains and sheets Avoid babies from extreme cold conditions, including the use of fans or air conditioners in the sun in the morning (before 9 o'clock) so that the mucus in his nose melts Bathe the baby with warm water then put warm oil on baby's body Let the baby rest more Increase physical contact skin to skin with the baby so he feels more warm and comfortable Do not carelessly give medicines to the baby without doctor's advice If the steps above have not been successful in overcoming your baby's complaints in 1 to 3 days, or if the baby You have a fever, vomiting, do not want to suckle, shortness of breath, seizures, or other more severe complaints, do not delay checking it directly to the doctor or pediatrician in order to get the best treatment.

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