Cold Sweat And Tightness In The Chest

Illustration of Cold Sweat And Tightness In The Chest
Illustration: Cold Sweat And Tightness In The Chest

Good night, I want to ask, lately I find it hard to breathe, like there’s something weird on my chest, if you want to cough really hard, sometimes you force a cough so that it gets stuck in my chest and I can breathe as usual, actually this happened before there was a corona issue, but lately I realized like it was getting harder, before ignoring it ignorant just because I considered normal, I also often cold sweat, feeling very hot in the body, but normal body temperature That’s why yes, please explain Thank you

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Good night. Thank you for asking

The feeling of tightness that you experience accompanied by a burning sensation in the body can occur due to several things like

 Increase in stomach acid Blockages in heart arteries when experiencing chest pain that feels tightness in the left chest should be rushed to the hospital usually especially if you have risk factors such as family history of the heart, cholesterol, high blood pressure Disorders of lung function that can be related to infection or inflammation due to psychosomatic smoke exposure that is related to psychological This is if accompanied by the condition you are in the affected area or have been in contact with positive people then you should isolate yourself at home to protect your body from external exposure and avoid also exposing it to others . But it's good to do a few of these things

 Eat regularly Avoid foods that are too high in fat, spicy, and acid Avoid stress Get enough rest. Thus, information may be useful

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