Cold Sweat While Sleeping

Illustration of Cold Sweat While Sleeping
Illustration: Cold Sweat While Sleeping

How to overcome the cold sweat that appears during sleep? And why can cold sweat appear during sleep? What cause?

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Sweat glands are of two types namely eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine can be found throughout the body which helps regulate body temperature control. While apocrine is around the arm or under the arm and around the thigh area. The eccrine gland will be active when affected by heavy activity and hot ambient temperatures. While the apocrine glands that play a role in the appearance of cold sweat are often triggered by high levels of stress, hormonal influences and can also be triggered by high temperatures.

When you feel complaints of cold sweat at night, or during sleep is also called night sweat. This condition can also be influenced by the activation of the apocrine sweat glands which can be triggered by your hormonal influences, or your stress levels are increasing compared to before. In babies complaints of sweating while the baby is sleeping can be caused by thermoregulators the body is still not working optimally, so that it can cause the baby's body to get wet due to sweating while the baby is sleeping, and this is very natural for babies.

In adults, besides increasing stress levels, several other conditions can also increase complaints of cold sweat at night, such as:

Excessive fear
Sleep disturbance
High vigilance that you feel before going to sleep
Stomach upset
Uncomfortable ambient temperature
Infections, such as pulmonary TB infection
Influence of hormones, such as in patients with menopause, or thyroid disorders

Because complaints of sweating while sleeping at night are common complaints, ranging from a normal condition to a cause that is at risk, then to find out the main cause is necessary to independently identify by yourself by evaluating the possible triggers. For example, if when cold sweat arises, you feel nausea or abdominal pain or even diarrhea, then complaints of cold sweat may be triggered by stomach disorders or digestive disorders. If indeed this cold sweat arises when you are facing a complicated problem, the possibility of complaints of increased stress can trigger these complaints. If before going to bed you consume foods that trigger stomach disorders, such as spicy foods, or instant foods, then chances are the food you consume is not suitable for your digestion. By identifying as early as possible, you can prevent the cause of complaints of cold sweat that you feel and help you sleep more comfortably.

However, if you find it difficult to identify the trigger independently, then you should do a consultation and examination directly to your doctor. The doctor will conduct an examination and evaluation of complaints that you feel. However, because the condition is currently under Covid-19 vigilance, you should consult online or by telephone unless your doctor recommends you to meet. Thus, the doctor can provide treatment recommendations for recovery of this complaint.

For now, several other businesses you can do, such as:

Avoid sleeping late
Avoid physical fatigue
Avoid conflict
Avoid spicy foods and instant drinks
Enough water
Adjust the temperature of the environment when you sleep
Avoid stress

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