Cold Sweating?

Illustration of Cold Sweating?
Illustration: Cold Sweating?

Good night, lately I often have cold sweats on the feet and hands the most, and sometimes dizziness, headaches, decreased appetite, is that a symptom of illness? Please advise. thanks.

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Hello Robi

Complaints of cold sweat, dizziness, headache, decreased appetite and headache are symptoms that do not specifically lead to a specific disease condition. These symptoms can be experienced by various medical conditions, such as for example

Hyperthyroid fever Hypoglycemia Infections of the gastrointestinal tract, whether due to viral or bacterial infections, can cause decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, fever, headaches, dizziness, tuberculosis, this bacterial disease generally develops slowly, so the symptoms are experienced is often not felt because the appearance of symptoms such as coughing, cold sweat, body weakness, decreased appetite, etc. appear slowly. Psychological problems such as anxiety, worry, fear, etc. Doctors need to do an examination first, so that they can dig up more information through a physical examination, question and answer sessions on medical history, and if necessary, supporting examinations such as blood lab tests, X-rays, sputum tests, etc. From this information, the doctor determined what medical condition was the cause of Robi's various complaints

As for some suggestions that Robi can try to do to prevent his condition from getting worse, try to keep eating even though his appetite is reduced, so that the body still gets energy intake for daily activities and for the healing process, besides that try also to be able to drink 8 glasses of water. everyday. To reduce headaches, Robi can take paracetamol for a few days, but if these complaints do not subside, then it would be better if Robi went to the doctor directly.

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