Tonight 2 days have experienced high colds difficult breathing u0026amp; sore throatTpi not coughing u0026amp; fever What does this include covid19 symptoms? What is the solution?

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Basically COVID-19 disease has the main symptoms of fever and dry cough. Shortness of breath usually only occurs in people who have severe symptoms, usually in elderly people and people who have comorbidities. Colds are a symptom that is rarely found, especially in adults.

Although the symptoms you mentioned do not lead to COVID-19 disease, because you have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, you are still advised to stay at home and not go outside at all except for the benefit of a doctor's examination. You are expected not to go to crowds or crowded places, do not use public transportation, maintain a safe distance from other people (because you are sick, you are expected to keep a safe distance with your family too), do not make direct contact with others (such as shake hands, hug, kiss hands, etc.), don't eat from the same plate or use cutlery together with your housemates, wash your hands with soap often, and don't smoke or do vaping. When symptoms appear such as fever and dry cough as well, immediately call 119 ext 9 to find out further examination flow.

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