Colds Accompanied By Vertigo

Illustration of Colds Accompanied By Vertigo
Illustration: Colds Accompanied By Vertigo

Because of the rain, I coughed up a cold. It’s been almost a week, especially on this sixth day I began to feel vertigo every time I wake up, bend down, bow down / bow when praying, turning around, etc. I have two questions. Are these symptoms a sign that I have covid-19 or just a common cold cough: headaches on the front (sometimes radiating around but most often in the front / forehead), these headaches are connected to toothache to pain in the oral cavity, sore eyes and stinging like crying, runny and sometimes blocked nose, cough with phlegm, pain in the throat when coughing or sneezing, body ache especially in the thumb and when exposed to cold air from water or ice, stiff neck, snot and phlegm are white but somewhat clear, decreased appetite, tired and sleepy. All that accompanied by vertigo. What illness did I suffer? Is it just a cold, cough, flu, or how is the likelihood that I will be infected by covid-19 is low or high? I worried that this would interfere with my activities, especially my friends and colleagues began to think I had contracted co-19. How do you distinguish covid-19 from the common cold specifically and significantly?

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I understand that you are concerned about the worries, complaints that you experience are caused by respiratory infections and can also be caused by allergies or you can experience sinusitis which causes pain in the front of the head. so many possibilities that you experience especially if you panic and worry about stress because thinking covid 19 will actually cause mental disorders or can be called psychosomatic symptoms of pain because the mind or stress that causes your symptoms lead to covid 19. But it can also be caused by a virus corona if you are suspected of having contact with a positive infected person.

sebanranya to ensure you are exposed covid 19 is to do a swab throat check or rapid test, but this examination is preferred for those who have severe symptoms such as high fever, coughing and shortness of breath and people who are at risk of contact with the positive.

sebanranya common cold and covid 19 flu is similar because it is the same with the respiratory tract, only if covid 19 he has a high fever cough and shortness of breath, and can have severe symptoms such as pneumonia, but can also have mild or asymptomatic symptoms, symptoms mild and not rheumatic only do isolation at home without throat swab examination. so the most important thing to do social distancing according to government recommendations. if the common cold rarely experience high fever and shortness of breath. so if you feel your complaint is so heavy you can do a check with the nearest doctor to get treatment. but you can postpone seeing a doctor if the complaint is not severe, but if you experience shortness of breath and high fever immediately and do not delay to the doctor

can be caused by a virus will usually heal itself without treatment if caused by allergies must find out the originator. There are a number of things you can do:

isolate yourself at home until healed at least 2 weeks to ensure that you are not infected and do not transmit to others
so ask for permission to your workplace because you are sick let alone outbreaks this
drink plenty of water if you can warm up to 2 liters a day
You can also take paracetamol to reduce your vertigo
eat nutritious foods and fix vegetables and fruit
You can take vitamin C to help me hold your body
You can use a mask, cloth mask does not mind keeping a distance and avoid direct contact
be diligent in washing your hands with soap
enough rest
light exercise while basking in the sun

avoid stress by doing things that are fun for you or doing yoga and meditation at home

You can check the risk of corona virus infection here

You can read the following article: This looks similar to the difference between the common cold and the Corona virus

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