Colds And Can Not Sleep After Taking Cold Medicine?

Illustration of Colds And Can Not Sleep After Taking Cold Medicine?
Illustration: Colds And Can Not Sleep After Taking Cold Medicine?

, I want to ask. That night I took medicine from a food stall to relieve my cold and cough. I took the medicine for about 7 hours and then until 10 hours of taking the medicine for the stall once more, as a result I could not sleep at all and the cold did not heal. After I took the second medicine I could not sleep until morning. What do you think about the symptoms of a saboteur? Please answer and advice. Thank you

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Hello Fakhri,

The flu and cough are often caused due to a viral infection, but do not rule out due to bacterial infections or due to allergies. Handling of cough flu and adapted to the patient's condition, for example with decongestants, pain relief, fever-lowering, antitussive, expectorant, and antihistamine. There are many types / brands of cold medicine that are sold in pharmacies and already contain some of the required ingredients.

What medicine do you take? It is difficult to ascertain whether complaints of sleeplessness are related to drug consumption or due to other conditions. In general, cold medicines have side effects, but in some people other reactions can also occur, such as palpitations or even allergic reactions. If there is a palpitating heart, sometimes it actually makes someone difficult to sleep. Colds and nasal congestion also interfere with sleep.

But besides that, not being able to sleep can also be caused by other conditions such as stress, the atmosphere of the room is not supportive, too much consumption of caffeine, depression, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

For now you can do the following tips:

Get enough rest and limit naps for a maximum of 30 minutes
Make the room more comfortable atmosphere
Sleeping with a higher pillow or sleeping on your side
Eat healthy and nutritionally balanced foods
Choose foods that have warm soup
Take warm lemon
Consumption of cold medicines according to recommended use on the packaging, do not take cold medicine before the specified schedule. If it is written 3 times a day, the medicine is taken every 8 hours, if 2x a day the medicine is taken every 12 hours

If the complaint does not improve after 3 days of consuming cold flu drugs, I suggest that you consult a doctor directly so that further tests can be done to ascertain your condition and so that you can get more optimal medicine, yes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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