Colds And Nasal Congestion Are Corona Symptoms?

Illustration of Colds And Nasal Congestion Are Corona Symptoms?
Illustration: Colds And Nasal Congestion Are Corona Symptoms?

Hello, Doc. I am Sari, 21 years old, I just returned from jogja Friday, March 27th, and since Sunday morning I have a cold, and I feel a little stuffy with my nose, but not slimy, I also don’t have a fever, don’t have shortness of breath, is there any connection with covid 19 Doc ?? Thank you Doc

Originally posted 2020-04-14 10:10:22.

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

Symptoms that you experience include a cold or nasal congestion can be related to a novel corona virus infection that causes COVID-19. If you experience respiratory symptoms either with or without fever but can be categorized as mild and the health condition is relatively stable, and there is no history of contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19 or traveling to areas with local transmission of COVID-19 spread in the last 14 days, then you are advised to stay at home to reduce the risk of contracting the virus by others.

While you can take drugs labeled with green that can be purchased without a doctor's prescription to reduce symptoms. With good endurance, enough rest, and good nutrition, your health will gradually recover. You are only advised to go to the hospital if you experience worsening symptoms, namely severe shortness of breath.

Because the current condition is a world pandemic, facilities and health workers will not be able to handle all patients with respiratory complaints because all cases will be considered as COVID-19 before it can be ascertained through supporting examinations. Therefore, the symptoms of health problems with stable conditions, people are encouraged to stay at home, keep their distance, don't get together, get enough rest, get good nutrition, and always think positively as an effort to prevent corona virus infection.

That's all, hope you can help.

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