Colds And Sneezing During Hot Weather?

Illustration of Colds And Sneezing During Hot Weather?
Illustration: Colds And Sneezing During Hot Weather?

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In some people, changes in humidity, ambient temperature or weather can cause colds or sneezing. The cause is not yet known with certainty, but presumably influenced by heredity (genetic inherited factors). As for some of the conditions seem to be related to sneezing and colds that you experience, including vasomotor rhinitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis (pollinosis) or allergic rhinitis throughout the year (perennial).

Vasomotor rhinitis is associated with excessive sensitivity of the parasympathetic innervation of the nasal mucous nerves (vidianus nerve). If these nerves are overly stimulated, blood vessels in the nasal cavity can dilate. This dilation of blood vessels causes fluid from the nasal capillaries to escape more easily (extravasation of fluid), and causes mucus production by the glands lining the nasal mucous membranes. This manifests as colds and sneezing. No fever was found, because the mechanism of fever associated with regulation of body heat, which is generally played by pyrogenic compounds that circulate through the blood vessels to the central body temperature regulation. Whereas in vasomotor rhinitis, pyrogenic compounds are rarely produced.

The oversensitivity of the parasympathetic part of the vidianus nerve varies between individuals. In some people this can be triggered by high environmental humidity, but in others the trigger is actually cold air. There is also a trigger because of excessive sensitivity to cigarette smoke, odor that stimulates, anti-migraine drugs (ergotamine), or even due to excessive anxiety.

Although mild vasomotor rhinitis can sometimes be relieved by a common cold remedy that contains decongestants, it is best to see a ENT-KL doctor, especially if the situation continues. After all, however, a definitive diagnosis cannot be determined solely based on online consultations in this question and answer room. Some types of vasomotor rhinitis, especially rhinorrhea rhinorrhea, symptoms are very similar to allergic rhinitis, so it needs interviews and physical examination by ENT-KL doctors; even investigations, to distinguish them.

This will affect the important decision of the ENT-KL doctor to treat your illness. Because the mechanism underlying the disease is very different. In seasonal allergic rhinitis or throughout the year, the mechanism is associated with the presence of specific allergens that cause the body to form IgE antibodies in response to these specific allergens, where this varies greatly between individuals. Special laboratory tests are needed to detect it.

In addition, you should also avoid things that can trigger sneezing and runny nose.

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