Colds And Sneezing

Illustration of Colds And Sneezing
Illustration: Colds And Sneezing

Good night dock, sorry to bother you, I have often experienced colds, and what comes out is not the yellow or green snot but clear. if sneezing can be many times and cause hot eyes and slightly swollen, sometimes fever too. I mark the cold when I get dust, cold water at dawn when whudu, or eat food that is too strong flavoring or drinks that use sugar juice instead of real sugar. so, how do you dock? Is it dangerous or not? because my mother also experienced the same thing doc, thank you doc ​​for the response.

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Most likely, the symptoms that you experience are caused by allergic triggers by allergens. An allergen is a substance that can cause allergic reactions, such as dust particles, cold temperatures, foods that contain certain types of protein and others. This condition is genetically inherited. So often found children with allergic reactions have parents with a history of allergies as well.
Colds and sneezing are symptoms of allergic rhinitis, which is inflammation of the lining of the nasal mucosa caused by allergic reactions. Whereas itchy and swollen eyes are a symptom of allergic conjunctivitis, an inflammatory disease caused by an allergic reaction in the outer layer covering the white part of the eyeball and eyelid. This layer is called the conjunctiva. In addition, allergic conjunctivitis is also characterized by symptoms of red eye.
The first thing you and your parents should do is to avoid triggers, such as dust, cold temperatures, flavorful food, the scent of perfume and others. You and your parents certainly know better. Therefore, be diligent in cleaning the house, down to parts that are rarely reached, such as the roof, corners and underneath. In the early hours of the morning, use thick clothes that can warm the body. If the water is cold, you should add warm water first before using it so that the temperature suits you and your parents. As for flavored food, you and the blind can avoid it.
When symptoms appear, you and your parents can take anti-allergic / antihistamine drugs and or anti-inflammatory / anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatory drugs that are safe for you and parents to take are weak corticosteroids. If the complaint does not improve as well and even more disturbing, you can consult with your nearest doctor.
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