Colds And Sore Throats Don’t Go Away?

Illustration of Colds And Sore Throats Don’t Go Away?
Illustration: Colds And Sore Throats Don’t Go Away?

It’s been 4 months since my cold didn’t heal. Almost every day I sneeze 19 times. When sneezing, my throat felt pulled out, sore. I thought at first it was just the flu, but apparently I was taking medicine as the doctor’s advice did not heal. I have no fever. When night falls sometimes my nose can’t be made to breathe because it is choked up. So I am very restless because it affects sleep. To sneeze I think, I sneeze when moving to a different room or place. When I was in the living room for 5 minutes and sat down, I had been sneezing about 4 times, and when I moved to the room I sneezed when I was there for 5 minutes. And applies outside the home. Sneezing can’t be held. The type of mucus that I release is very clear. As if the mucus in my nose won’t run out if it’s only removed if I take it out of my nose. Why is that? Are there any allergic factors or what?

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Hello Risma, Thank you for the question,

Did you ever find out when you moved this room is there a difference in temperature or differences in the conditions around you that trigger sneezing? Complaints of colds in a long time can be caused by the following conditions:

allergic rhinitis, which is inflammation of the walls of the nasal cavity caused by allergies. Exposure to things that can trigger allergies, such as cold air, animal hair, dust, pollen, mites, can cause symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy nose

sinusitis, which is inflammation of the sinus wall (air-filled cavity located under the cheekbones, eyes, nose, and forehead). This condition usually occurs together with rhinitis

You should consult with a doctor first. The doctor will ask further questions about other complaints that you experience and then examine you. If you really suspect an allergic reaction, your doctor will advise you to do an allergy test to find out what can trigger allergies. Allergy can not be cured and the main treatment of this condition is to avoid the trigger. Treatment that will be given by doctors generally serves to relieve symptoms.

Please also do the following suggestions:

try to pay attention to your environment when symptoms occur, are there things that could trigger allergies. If there is, try to avoid it
clean your house and bedroom regularly
clean and replace bed linen, pillowcases and bolsters, blankets regularly
multiply the consumption of nutritious foods and sufficient body fluids by consuming water
Hopefully this information helps you.

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