Colds But Not Snot Whether Corona?

Illustration of Colds But Not Snot Whether Corona?
Illustration: Colds But Not Snot Whether Corona?

Afternoon doc, I want to ask I have had a cold a week but my snot is not coming out, is that included in the symptoms of co-19 dock?

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Hello Putu,

Colds are one of the symptoms of vrus corona infection, however colds can also be caused by other things such as flu, allergic reactions, rhinitis, sinusitis, exposure to cold or dry air, consumption of spicy foods, irritation for example due to inhaled chili powder, drug side effects, and hormone imbalance.

Corona virus infection is called COVID-19 and causes several symptoms such as:

 Fever Shortness of breath Cough Cold sore throat Headache Chest pain Examination to determine COVID is by history, physical examination, accompanied by investigations with blood tests, x-rays, and throat swabs. Handling will be adjusted to the patient's condition and also the results of the examination (whether positive, including patients under surveillance, or people in monitoring).

Do you have a history of contact with corona-positive people, patients under surveillance, people in monitoring, or have you previously visited areas where corona-positive patients are located? You can try to see the risk of corona transmission by answering a few questions here.

For now you can try the following tips:

 For at least the next 14 days, try not to leave the house, apply social distancing and stay at home. Frequently wash hands with soap (make sure to wash hands 7 steps) Avoid touching the face, especially the mouth, nose, and eye area. Avoid shaking hands with others. If you still have a cold, try to wear a mask if forced to meet other people or leave the house (preferably at home for at least 14 days) Provide hand sanitizer when outside the home (still recommended at home) Conduct ethics coughing / sneezing (cover with elbows in, cover tissue and throw away , or wear a mask) Avoid exchanging or alternating cutlery While separating the room first with other family members Get plenty of water to drink enough light exercise Sports Consumption of vegetables and fruit, if necessary vitamin C as needed Consumption of cold medicines / cold medicines sold freely If symptoms worsen, for example, accompanied by fever, shortness of breath, or coughing up blood, then you are advised to see a doctor directly so that it can be ascertained and given a more maximum handling yes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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