Colds, Coughs And Shortness Of Breath, What Are The Characteristics Of Corona Virus Infection?

Illustration of Colds, Coughs And Shortness Of Breath, What Are The Characteristics Of Corona Virus Infection?
Illustration: Colds, Coughs And Shortness Of Breath, What Are The Characteristics Of Corona Virus Infection?

Doc I had a cold and cough, then I went to the doctor and was given medicine, but now I still feel cough but not often, shortness of breath, insomnia and sore hands, but I do not have a fever. Is that characteristic of the corona doc virus ??

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Hello Rosmeta,

Thank you for the question.

Colds, coughs, shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, and aches can be a hallmark of Corona's disease (COVID-19), it may or may not. Often, sufferers of Corona's disease, in addition to experiencing the above complaints, will also feel fever, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, and other sensations of being unwell. However, even if you don't experience this complaint, you should still be aware that you have contracted Corona disease, especially if you have been in contact with a person with Corona in the last 2 weeks, if you have ever traveled to an area of ​​Corona outbreak, or if you have had contact with someone from the Corona outbreak area.

Conversely, if your complaint is mild and you also do not have the risk of contracting Corona disease as mentioned above, it is likely that your complaint arises due to other triggers, for example viral or other bacterial infections, allergies, salesma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, immune disorders, benign tumors or malignant around the airway, the influence of drugs, and so on.

Our advice, in addition to undergoing treatment according to doctor's advice, so that your complaints improve, do it too:

Wear a mask
Diligent bathing and washing hands with soap and clean running water
Always use clean clothes, change regularly
Also improve the cleanliness of the environment around you
Do not carelessly shake hands and exchange personal belongings with others
Avoid exposure to allergens, for example cold, dust, pollen, and so on
Regularly exercise and rest so that the immune system remains good
While still coughing and runny nose, don't eat and drink oily, cold, and allergic foods

However, if the handling of a doctor and the steps above your complaint has not improved, we suggest, immediately check yourself back to the doctor or doctor of internal medicine in order to find further solutions.

I hope this helps.

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