Colds Do Not Heal.?

Illustration of Colds Do Not Heal.?
Illustration: Colds Do Not Heal.?

Hi, I have green mucus complaints, then accompanied by a sore throat and fever. My fever has actually recovered, but at night it relapsed again, so did my ears with a bit of clumsiness and clogged even though yesterday it was fine. I have a cold for 5 days, because it doesn’t heal, so I have a fever + earache, and my throat also hurts a little. Well, even though I have been taking medication but I have a fever + I have recurring ear pain and a cold that doesn’t heal. Am I not allowed to feel in the air conditioning room or get winded between the times? Tq yes

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Colds are a condition of mucous discharge from the nose that can be temporary / continuous. Issued phlegm serves to maintain moisture and prevent dirt into the respiratory tract. Colds can be accompanied by symptoms of cough, fever, sore throat, and pain in the ear. The middle part of the ear is connected to the respiratory tract through the Eustachian tube.

The presence of complaints of cough, runny nose, sore throat accompanied by ear pain can indicate an inflammatory / infectious reaction in the associated area. There are several possible causes of the symptoms that you experience include:

Sinus / nose infections. Can be caused by viruses or bacteria, causing pain in the nose and sinuses when pressed on the face or forehead. Can be accompanied by secretions coming out of the nose.
Infection of the external ear. Can be caused by viruses or bacteria, causing pain in the ear canal
Infection of the middle ear. Can be caused by a virus or bacteria, causing pain in the ear and redness of the eardrum or the presence of fluid at the time of examination.
Infection of the throat. Can be caused by viruses or bacteria, can cause throat pain when swallowing food or an itchy sensation in the throat that triggers coughing.
Allergic reaction to certain substances. Can cause temporary or persistent cold and cough symptoms.
Reactions to weather changes. Can cause temporary or persistent cold and cough symptoms.

In your condition, infections can occur in the ears, nose and throat. Need to do an examination related to these organs, as well as symptoms and treatment history that has been consumed. It is recommended to consult with an ENT doctor, the treatment regimen beforehand need to be informed when consulting with a doctor regarding your complaint. Avoid exposure to dust and smoke by using a mask, avoid consuming self-medication without doctor's instructions.

For more information about earaches, you can access this link. For more information about sore throats can access this link.

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