Colds Don’t Go Away In 4 Year Olds?

Illustration of Colds Don’t Go Away In 4 Year Olds?
Illustration: Colds Don’t Go Away In 4 Year Olds?

Good evening .. r nDok I want to ask, my child is 4.5 years old, has a cold for 1 month, it hasn’t been cured for 1 month … I’ve been to the doctor 2x but it doesn’t heal either … the pills are green … is it possible because of the weather in my place This month feels very cold..pdhl every day my child will definitely drink honey, vitamins (elkana), fruit, vegetables..please enlighten me … thanks

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Hi Oktavia,

Thank you for asking

The existence of a cold that has lasted quite a long time, it is necessary to find out the cause of this. If the child is not fit for a long time, it can affect their growth and development in the future. In your case where it has been 1 month, it is necessary to examine whether there are factors that prevent healing or if there are other underlying medical conditions. The following details that can be considered the cause of your child's current condition are as follows:

Children's age. The age of children is very susceptible to cough and cold conditions, because the immunity is still not perfect. However, as you get older your symptoms will lessen

An allergic condition. Allergies to certain substances such as dust, cigarette smoke, or certain types of food and beverages can also trigger a prolonged cold.

Cold air. Cold air causes the mucous membranes of the airways to become dry and irritated easily. This condition is characterized by a lot of mucus production or secretions which initially are clear secretions and become the focus of infection for certain germs and are characterized by mucus or secretions that turn yellow or green in color.

Presence of chronic disease. There are certain diseases that cause the child's immune system to be not strong enough to fight infection. For example, what can be thought of is the presence of TB infection, chronic disease such as a tumor or cancer. However, of course this condition is accompanied by other symptoms and requires a detailed examination to make a diagnosis.

There are anatomical abnormalities of the nasal cavity such as swelling of the nasal bones, bent nasal bones or it can also be thought of a blockage by foreign objects such as small toys that might enter the child's nasal cavity.

If your child has received medication and the symptoms are still there, it is necessary to think about whether there are any risk factors above. Exposure to dust or cigarette smoke or other substances needs attention. Avoid using carpets or piles of clothes and books at home, especially in the small room. In addition, pay attention to the types of food that might trigger allergies, which can usually be accompanied by complaints of digestion or on the skin. If it is triggered by cold air, make sure the child wears clothes that are warm enough and if you need to use a mask to avoid exposure to air that is too cold.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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