Colds, Nasal Congestion And Pain?

Illustration of Colds, Nasal Congestion And Pain?
Illustration: Colds, Nasal Congestion And Pain?

Hello Dr., I want to ask, right now my nose is blocked, the fluid that comes out is a little and clear in a week. And this morning, my nose (between my eyebrows) was painful. Default I have a history of allergic rhinitis. I have been drinking rinos, actived, larotadine, and there is also a nasal spray. I’m afraid that this isn’t my allergy. Do I have to go to the hospital? Thank you

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Nasal congestion is a sign that there is swelling in the inner nose area or because of mucus that is blocking holes in the inside of the nose. This can indeed be triggered by several diseases, including influenza and allergic rhinitis.

In influenza, it is characterized by colds, coughs, sore throats, aches, and can be accompanied by fever. The cause of influenza in general is a virus and can heal itself for 3 days, but if it is ridden by bacteria it will take about 5-6 days to recover. In allergic rhinitis, it is generally characterized by runny or stuffy nose and often sneezing, if the immune system is not good, it will continue to influenza. But if the immune system is good, eating it will not continue. Allergies in general can not be cured, and will often recur when the immune system down. But it can be prevented by taking a multivitamin or influenza vaccination to prevent worsening.

Head pain in the eyebrows can be caused by inflammation that occurs in the nose, causing reduced oxygen levels, thus affecting nerves and blood vessels.

If you are worried about COVID-19 then these symptoms do not lead to COVID-19 disease. COVID-19 is characterized by dry cough, sore throat, fever above 38 degrees and shortness of breath. But if you have a fever and shortness of breath, you can come to the hospital to do the examination. If that is not the case, then stay at home and don't go outside for 14 days. Do self-isolation to avoid contracting the corona virus.

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