Colli Soap Operas?

Illustration of Colli Soap Operas?
Illustration: Colli Soap Operas?

. I have a brother who has a symmetrical colli disease. in the neck. every day. it’s getting bigger. is there a prescription for a drug to slow down its development at the pharmacy.

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at Previously, we thought you meant colli sinistra. Colli refers to the neck area, and sinistra means left. However, this is not enough because colli sinistra only refers to the location of the neck on the left. This lump can mean anything, namely:

Enlarged lymph nodes

Abscess or pus buildup

So to deal with this condition, the cause must be found first. You can immediately consult an ENT doctor, or if you use a guarantee, you can ask for a referral for examination at a health service facility that provides ENT doctor services. There are no over-the-counter drugs that are sold in pharmacies that can slow down its development, and even if you do, you still have to determine what the cause is so that you can be given the appropriate drug, and the cause can only be determined from physical examination and support, so you should immediately have your sibling checked. .

In addition, tell your siblings to take regular breaks, eat nutritious foods, avoid cigarette smoke and stress, limit activities, and can take over-the-counter painkillers when they are in pain. So far there are no dietary restrictions. May your brother get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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