Colli Tumors During Pregnancy, Is It Dangerous?

Illustration of Colli Tumors During Pregnancy, Is It Dangerous?
Illustration: Colli Tumors During Pregnancy, Is It Dangerous?

Bismillah want to ask, is this colli tumor dangerous for pregnant women? and what if a pregnant woman has a tumor colli, is surgery necessary? and how the side effects of surgery on the fetus

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Hello Mother, thank you for asking

To be able to know the effect of the tumor on the fetus, of course, it must be ascertained whether the type of tumor. Colli is the Latin language of the neck, and colli tumor is a term that states tumors located in the neck. In the neck itself there are many organs, ranging from the skin, subcutaneous tissue, fat, muscle, lymph nodes, blood vessels, bones, innervation, and joints. Tumors can come from various organs, and of course the symptoms, effects and also the handling is different.

Tumors are defined as abnormal cell growth. All lumps that are not normal can be called a tumor. Tumors can be divided into benign and malignant tumors. Malignant tumors are also called cancer. Benign tumors are only found in one part of the body, do not attack or spread other parts of the body. Malignant tumors usually develop quickly, can invade surrounding tissue and spread both through blood vessels and lymph nodes.

If there is a tumor in the neck, the doctor will usually recommend a biopsy, which is to take a small amount of tissue and send it to the anatomic pathologist for examination under a microscope. With this examination, we can determine the origin of the tissue, malignant or benign, and the cause. If it is known, then the handling can be determined.

The cause can be due to enlarged lymph nodes, abscess (collection of pus), infections, cysts, nasopharyngeal cancer or other cancers, parotid gland tumors (salivary glands), tumors of the thyroid gland, and so forth. The cause is very broad, and treatment is not always surgery.

Therefore, you should consult with your surgeon. Your surgeon, and don't forget to tell you that you are pregnant so that the management can be adjusted. If the tumor is benign and has no effect on the fetus or severe symptoms, surgery may be delayed. If you need immediate treatment such as an infection or cancer, it needs immediate treatment to prevent things that are not desirable.

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