Color Blind?

Illustration of Color Blind?
Illustration: Color Blind?

Excuse me dock. I want to ask. Before I decided to ask, I had read articles about color blindness. And I understand about the x chromosome and chromosome damage no 23. And I fully understand how genetic keturuna is in color blindness. Only, what I want to ask. Will sufferers of partial color blindness due to an accident affect their genetic makeup too? Can accidents that damage the back of the optic nerve also damage normal chromosomes? So it affects the genetic makeup? Or sufferers because of an accident do not carry the x chromosome which is color blind?

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Color blindness after optic nerve damage due to trauma is an acquired disorder at a time. In patients with color blindness from birth, showing congenital abnormalities caused by genetic disorders that carry color blindness from parents. So if parents have a history of color blindness, then their children may be able to experience the same disorder. Apart from genetic or patient abnormalities, color blindness can also occur due to:
1. Diseases of the eye, such as eye nerve damage, glaucoma
2. Chemicals and drugs
3. Trauma to the eye
In patients with color blindness that is not acquired due to a congenital disease, this patient has nerve cell damage due to traumatic or acquired conditions, but there is no genetic damage carried by patients with acquired color blindness. Because there is no genetic damage but there may be anatomic abnormalities, patients with color blindness obtained by accident will not give this color defect to their children. So that the child does not experience color blindness, and the child's genetic makeup is also healthy. Therefore, color blindness is limited to patients with color blindness due to abnormalities that occur after trauma to the eye that causes color blindness.
However, all of this still needs to be discussed directly with your eye doctor. The doctor will conduct an interview regarding the condition of this complaint, and ascertain whether the color blindness disorder is mild or severe, or this condition risks progressively disrupting the quality of seeing the patient. All of this needs to be confirmed directly by the doctor who treats you.
To maintain eye health, several things need to be done, such as:
1. Avoid eye fatigue
2. Avoid sleeping late at night
3. Maintain general body health
4. Avoid the risk of injury to the eye
Thus the info we can convey.

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