Complaints After Hemorrhoid Surgery?

Illustration of Complaints After Hemorrhoid Surgery?
Illustration: Complaints After Hemorrhoid Surgery?

, I want to ask, it’s been 7 days since I had a horoidectomy surgery after I read that there was a side effect which was the question; r n1. What does losing control mean in chapters? R n2. Difficulty emptying the bladder? R n3. How come my body dropped drastically! Even though you eat regularly and need fruits and vegetables?

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Maybe you mean surgery hemorrhoidectomy. Hemorrhoidectomy is a medical procedure performed to treat hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. During the operation, anesthesia is performed to relieve pain when the procedure is performed on the related organs.

This operation includes actions that are often performed and quite safe. However, all medical procedures, apart from having many advantages, still have risks or side effects.

The side effects of impaired control in bowel movements and emptying of the bladder can occur due to swelling or muscle spasm / stiffness. This can disappear within a few days as the healing process progresses.

Losing weight can be caused because when hemorrhoid occurs, you lose a lot of blood and nutrients that come out because of the injury. So that the nutrients the body should need are not sufficient. The other causes can also be from various things hyperthyroidism, chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic infections and others.

It's a good idea to keep control of your doctor during your healing period so that it is well monitored. You should see your doctor immediately if you experience:

Bleeding a lot. Can not CHAPTER or BAK Fever

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