Complaints Can Not See Clearly Already Two Weeks, Is It True Glaucoma?

Good evening doctor,

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Good evening Mrs. Lilik, thanks for the question.

First let me explain first about glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a group of diseases of the eye nerve that causes eye nerve damage, one of which is characterized by damage to the visual field that is usually caused by high pressure on the eye. This disease is the highest cause of blindness in the world and more often than men.

There are several factors that can cause a person to have a higher risk of glaucoma compared to others, namely:

Increasing age
History of family members suffering from glaucoma
The use of certain drugs
History of eye injury
History of eye surgery
History of certain diseases

The causes of high eye pressure in general there are 2 types, namely:

Because of the narrow angle of the eye so that the flow of fluid in the eye is disrupted until resulting in an increase in eye pressure
Because the channels where the eyeball is blocked, it disrupts the flow of fluid and results in increased pressure

To confirm the diagnosis of glaucoma, the ophthalmologist will generally carry out several examinations such as visual examination, examination of the angle of the eye, measuring eye pressure (by touching or not touching the eyeball), examining the inside of the eye and examining the visual field. If the symptoms and overall examination results support, it can be said that the patient has glaucoma.

As is the case with your husband, if complaints and the results of examinations that have been carried out so far support, then it can be said that your husband has glaucoma. For more details, you can ask the eye doctor directly who treats your husband what is the basis for his consideration to diagnose your husband suffering from glaucoma.

There are 2 therapeutic options for glaucoma, either operatively or with eye drops. The use of these drops is generally necessary for a long period of time to help control eye pressure so that it does not get higher to cause further damage. For the dosage of the drug and the duration of use, keep following your husband's doctor's advice, because he is more aware of your husband's eye condition. When the drug has run out, it is advisable to re-check your husband to the doctor, because to get the drug generally must use a doctor's prescription.

I hope this helps.

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