Complaints Experienced In An Ectopic Pregnancy?

Illustration of Complaints Experienced In An Ectopic Pregnancy?
Illustration: Complaints Experienced In An Ectopic Pregnancy?

Good afternoon, I want to ask … My last period was on the 15th of August 2019 on the 28th day of the cycle and it should have returned on the 12th of September. but until now I did not menstruate. complaints now indeed my stomach is so tight, it doesn’t stay long, and excessive hunger. after that I tried the test pack. on 14 sept I tested the results of the line 2 faint. already 4x the test pack, the results remain faint 2 lines. because it’s so hard and my stomach is cramping and I don’t want menstruation. finally I checked with the obstetrician on September 18. the doctor also straightened my stomach ultrasound, the doctor told me to do the ultrasound again 2 weeks later, because the results of the ultrasound now concluded that 55% of my pregnancies led to KET / ga like cysts in the fallopian tubes. my husband and I immediately weak to hear the results of the doctor’s examination. because according to the doctor ny position is in the fallopian tube. and I was only given SJ folic acid as a vitamin. Now do my characteristics point to ectopic pregnancy ??? because if I read the article about KET there is a description of bleeding from the vagina, and severe pain in the pelvis. whereas I did not experience ny. Do I have to do a re-examination at a different doctor? and transvaginal ultrasound? thanks for the help

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Hi Olivia,

Ultrasound is one of the supporting examinations carried out to confirm pregnancy by looking for the gestational sac, fetal heart rate, and fetal movements. However, in a very early pregnancy, it is normal if the fetal sac has not been seen, especially if done with an ultrasound of the stomach. Transvaginal ultrasound can detect the fetal sac early, but this examination is done if necessary. Transvaginal ultrasound is also performed if there is a suspicion of an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy outside the womb, the most often is in the fallopian tube. At first an ectopic pregnancy is similar to a normal pregnancy, but when an ultrasound is performed, the fetal sac emerges outside the uterus. When the pregnancy gets bigger, then other complaints will arise and become a disturbed ectopic pregnancy (KET).

When KET occurs, pregnant women can experience complaints such as bleeding, severe abdominal pain and pelvic pain. If you leave KET getting bigger it can cause rupture of the fallopian tubes and is dangerous for pregnant women. Therefore, when KET has been confirmed, the doctor will perform surgery with surgery or injection of methotrexate.

For the time being you should keep thinking positive and follow the doctor's advice to control pregnancy in 2 weeks. If you are in doubt, you can seek a second opinion with another obstetrician.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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