Complaints In The Gums?

Illustration of Complaints In The Gums?
Illustration: Complaints In The Gums?

Hello … I am afraid … why does the gums have inflammation in the front several years ago, but until now sometimes sometimes there is a slight salty or pus out, now there is even blood coming out and as if there is blood clotting, well 2 months ago there was blood comes out and a blood clot but in the form of flesh I lifted myself and it’s gone, lapse of 2 months now there’s more I’m afraid of whether it’s a symptom of gum cancer

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Hello good afternoon, Ms. Zavanya. Thank you for asking

Lumps that occur in the gums as experienced by the mother can occur related to several things that might be the cause, some things that might be as follows.

A cyst on a tooth that is a lump whose contents are fluid which is usually associated with a blockage in the salivary glands. The risk of this occurrence is whether the injury is bitten or canker sores on the area of ​​the inner oral mucosa
Gum abscess is a continuation of inflammation of the gums accompanied by a bacterial infection resulting in a buildup of pus. Usually accompanied by pain and fever.
Gingivitis is when the gums have an inflammatory reaction that is red, swollen. Usually this is related if the condition of oral hygiene is not maintained well.
Tartar is a pile of leftovers in the gum area so that the gums become more brittle and bleed easily can be accompanied by conditions appear more red.
Gum tumors are conditions in which gum cells undergo rapid division, usually a lump will appear quickly and enlarge quickly, pain that does not heal usually more than 2 weeks, the lump easily bleeds. Accompanied by other body symptoms such as weight loss that is quite drastic.

Some things that can be done to maintain healthy teeth and mouth gums are

Choose a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth regularly and with circular and smooth movements
Gargle and use dental floss after eating
Drink enough water
Avoid smoking, alcohol and soft drinks.

If you have experienced this repeatedly, you should check your condition to the doctor or dentist so that it can be examined further.

More information in the following article.

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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