Complaints Of Dark Vision And Dizziness After Swimming?

Illustration of Complaints Of Dark Vision And Dizziness After Swimming?
Illustration: Complaints Of Dark Vision And Dizziness After Swimming?

afternoon, yesterday morning I finished swimming because I had itchy before when it was cold so I searched the internet and it turned out that I was allergic to cold, well yesterday I swam after swimming I returned to the hotel room there I ran, because I thought I should take a shower immediately Warming myself up while in the elevator I was very dizzy, we were very dizzy in the hotel room, my view was black and white like there were flowers like that, I made sleep quite better and it was clear but a little dizzy, I want to ask what should I do if such an incident occurs again, and is there a cure, thank you

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From the information you convey, the complaints of dark vision, the dizziness you feel after swimming, may be due to your less than optimal physical condition before swimming. By doing sports activities such as swimming, you will need a more optimal physical condition. In addition, the energy needs needed during exercise will also increase, so that before swimming, at least the energy reserves in your body are sufficient to meet your physical condition during your activities.

Some of the conditions below can trigger the complaints you feel, such as:

1. low blood pressure

2. Decreased blood glucose levels, due to insufficient food intake or increased activity

3. Lack of sleep

4. Suffering from early symptoms of illness, such as early symptoms of flu or sore throat

5. physical exhaustion

6. stress or anxiety

7. Ear disorders

8. digestive disorders, such as stomach disorders, gastrointestinal infections

Therefore, you should evaluate your physical condition before doing sports training or before swimming. If your stamina decreases or decreases, then you can delay your swimming activities or limit the length of your swimming time.

And if this incident is repeated in any condition, then:

1. Immediately sit down wherever you are

2. regulate your breath properly to help supply oxygen to your body

3. Immediately drink warm water or warm sugar water to help increase blood glucose levels

4. Do not drive or walk in a crowd directly before your physical condition has improved

5. after arriving home take a break

6. If these complaints often recur, then you should immediately consult your family doctor for examination and ascertain the cause.

That is the information we can convey, read also dizzy.


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