Complete Blood Count, Liver And Kidney Function?

Morning, r nOn June 23, 2018, I did the MCU which included complete blood, liver and kidney function and complete urine, there were hadil that exceeded the normal limit. You get: r n r n1. Neut L53 55-65 r n2. H38 lymphocytes 25-35 r n3. Complete urine – albumin +/- negative r n4. Leukocyte esterase +1 negative r n r nCondition never had gallbladder surgery in 2014 and on June 26 2018 experienced menstruation. R n r nFrom the MCU results above, how was the doctor’s diagnosis?

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Hello Dahlyacitra,

The results you give are the results of supporting examinations in the form of complete blood and urine tests. From these results, the diagnosis cannot be established because in order to establish the diagnosis, complete information is needed, including the results of interviews regarding the condition being experienced, physical examination and supporting examinations. For that, you can consult the doctor who did the medical check-up so that you can give a conclusion about the results of your medical checkup based on the complete information that has been obtained during the medical checkup.

Neutrophils and lymphocytes themselves are part of white blood cells where if there is a significant increase or decrease it can indicate an infection in the body. In this case, the increase in lymphocytes and the decrease in neutrophils is not significant, which is indicated by leukocytes that may be within normal limits. For this reason, for more details, consult your MCU results so that the doctor can read in detail the results of the examination and combine them with other examination results before conclusions can be given and what treatment is needed.

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