Complete Blood Count Results?

, I am a nursing student who is practicing clinic in a hospital, during the GDA check, my finger was stabbed with the needle used for the GDA.dx Px pulmonary TB, HIV or not yet known. r nI immediately checked DL and the results were WBC 12.9300 and neut 22.1%. Then, what does that mean?

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Hello, fikayuliana, thank you for asking

DL (Complete Blood Count) or Complete Blood Count examination is used to see any changes in the number of blood components in the body. This can see abnormalities in the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and others. Abnormalities in the number of blood components can indicate abnormalities in the body, such as inflammation, infection, anemia, or blood disorders. In the results of WBC (white blood cells / leukocytes / white blood cells), normally 3500 - 10 500 cells / mcL. If the result is more than normal, it shows an increase which could indicate inflammation in the body. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell that functions in the immune system. Normally, neutrophils range from 40-80%. Increased neutrophils are a sign of inflammation or infection. However, it should be understood that each laboratory has its own normal values, which are usually listed next to the results. For that, please check the normal values ​​for these numbers in your lab results.

Making a diagnosis can not only be from laboratory examination, it must be from anamnesis (interview about symptoms and disease history) and direct physical examination. An increase in WBC that occurs in you is an indicator of inflammation in the body, but you must find the source of the inflammation by history, physical examination, and other investigations. If you are worried, you can check with your doctor. Needling can be one of the methods of transmission for diseases such as HIV / AIDS, hepatitis B / C, etc. Always use personal protective equipment (such as gloves) every time you perform medical procedures. For that, you can ask the patient's HIV status or if you are worried you can check the HIV rapid test in 3 months. Consult your doctor first about this.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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