Complete Recovery For People With Gastritis And Esophagitis?

Illustration of Complete Recovery For People With Gastritis And Esophagitis?
Illustration: Complete Recovery For People With Gastritis And Esophagitis?

My doctor had endoscopy and my diagnosis was esophagitis and gastrittis. I was given the drugs tilidone, sucralfat and omeprazole. R nThe medication has run out but there are still complaints such as heartburn. Because the medicine ran out of pain, there was still I bought ranitidine medicine and the pain decreased. When I move / do activities, my body shakes. R nCurrently I eat porridge, boiled tempeh, eggs, papaya fruit, melon, regal. Eating soft and soft and reduced activity. R n What else should I do to recover immediately. Because I have been taking gastric drugs for more than 2 months with almost the same medicine, I know the drug is poison, I am afraid that if I continue to take the medicine there is side effects for my stomach. r n # What should I do, especially the diet / type of food that is good for my stomach, apart from the taboos that the doctor told me to do? Can you recover without taking medication continuously? R n # can you eat rice? R n # can you drink jelly gamat? R n # is there any alternative medicine recommended by the doctor for my illness? R nPlease help because it is already 3 months I have this disease. thank you

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From the info you convey,

1. There are stomach and esophageal complaints that have lasted for about 3 months, and have not yet received optimal recovery, then you need to pay attention to several things / several risk factors to help the recovery period and prevent this risk of experiencing recurrence, such as:

a. eating late

b. sleep late at night

c. stress or anxiety

d. physical fatigue

e. consuming spicy food, noodles, meatballs, fried rice, coconut milk, coffee, pecel, or instant food and drinks (such as sachet coffee drinks, soda, packaged food)

f. liver disorders

g. infection, due to frequent consumption of purchased food outside the home, which may be less hygienic in the way of cooking, processing, storing, or serving

h. lack of exercise and lack of water

2. If you are in the period of treatment, you should continue treatment from your doctor while identifying and evaluating your habits and trigger factors

3. You can consume rice, as long as you don't give annoying complaints, however, if after eating rice, your stomach complaints are uncomfortable, you can switch to rice. However, if there are no complaints, continue to consume rice, according to your ability but increase the frequency of consumption

4.It is okay, as long as there are no annoying complaints, and you consume it after eating, not on an empty stomach. However, also discuss it with your doctor

5. The treatment is only given by the doctor who conducts the examination, so I cannot provide treatment for you. However, you can ask for a second opinion from another internal medicine doctor in the digestive department of a major hospital in your city, especially if within 2 months you haven't had a positive result.

That is the information we can convey, also read esophagitis and acid-stomach disease.

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