Complete Urine Examination And Creatinine Urea To Determine Kidney Disease?

Illustration of Complete Urine Examination And Creatinine Urea To Determine Kidney Disease?
Illustration: Complete Urine Examination And Creatinine Urea To Determine Kidney Disease?

Straight away, I often feel tired, weak and lethargic, but still able to do activities. In addition, the mouth always feels bitter and frequent urination is sometimes difficult to urinate but the volume of urine is smooth. Why, I want to check my kidneys in the lab, so I know my kidney function. I have the internet for early detection of ktx kidneys you should check your creatini and urea sm urine complete, but other information is check the kidneys through cystatin c sm albumin quantitative urine. I Lhtx d the lab website. So what? which mn is more accurate? Besides that, I want to ask if I check the lfg / gfr in a lab or a specialist? Thank you

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Hello Rafan,

The kidneys are organs that have the main function of blood filtration with the final result in the form of urine (urine). In addition, the kidneys also play a role in the process of forming red blood cells, regulating blood pressure, and much more.

Complete urine examination is to check the urine preparation (usually mid-stream, the new urine is collected). Urine analysis provides macroscopic results in the form of urine color, urine specific gravity, urine pH, presence of protein, erythrocytes (red blood cells), leukocytes (white blood cells), nitrites, glucose (sugar). Then the sediment results in the form of epithelium, leukocytes, erythrocytes, crystals, etc. Urine examination is often used as a screening examination, without any specific indication.

Creatinine urea examination is one of the tests of kidney function. The results of the examination were urea levels and creatinine levels in the blood. Ureum and creatinine are the products of the body's metabolism which should be excreted together with urine. If the levels in the blood increase, there may be interference with the excretion process (excretion from the body) by the kidneys. From the creatinine results, we can enter into the formula taking into account age and body weight as well, to calculate GFR or glomerular filtration rate. A decrease in GFR below 90 indicates kidney damage.

Quantitative urine albumin is usually checked using a 24-hour urine collection or urine collection. Normally there is no albumin in the urine (if any, the amount is so small that it is not visible on examination). The presence of albumin in the urine indicates a malfunction in the filtering function of the kidneys, the albumin molecule must be large enough not to pass and be excreted into the urine. Cystatin c examination is an examination of the cystatin c protein levels in the blood. This protein is produced by each nucleated cell and excreted by the kidneys. If there is an increase in blood levels, it means that kidney filtration is impaired. Cystatin c levels can also be used to calculate GFR.

Compared to creatinine, cystatin C examination is superior to detect a decrease in GFR. But of course the price of cystatin C examination is more expensive than blood creatinine. For further consultation regarding kidney problems, you can go to a specialist in internal medicine (consultant kidney hypertension).

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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