Complicated Diseases Can Be Cured Completely?

Illustration of Complicated Diseases Can Be Cured Completely?
Illustration: Complicated Diseases Can Be Cured Completely?

Hello. I have a father who is suffering from complications, can it be treated easily and will heal again, or cause fatal things. ??

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What do you mean by complications of disease?

Medically, the term complication is defined as a condition of undesirable changes that arise as a result of the use of something (drug), disease or medical action.

So there is a possibility that what is meant by a complication disease mentioned is a condition of your father who is experiencing a bad change due to his initial illness or due to other things. Or it is also described as a condition of a patient who is suffering from not only one disease but several types of diseases at once.

For example, diabetes is a disease that has the most adverse complications, such as premature cataracts, heart disease, stroke, neurological disorders, eye retinal disorders (to blindness), kidney disorders, easy infections such as tuberculosis.

Diseases that are more than 1 will certainly be more difficult to treat, but of course it is your doctor who knows well your father's condition and the best management of his illness. So it would be good if you consult the doctor who treats your father. Hospitalization may also be required depending on the patient's own condition and how bad the symptoms are.

Take care of your health by understanding the disease you are suffering from, taking proper medication and exercising. Regular consultation with the doctor will really help maintain the health of your father's body.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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