Complications Of All Upper Teeth Extraction?

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Hello, I want to ask if we remove almost all of the upper teeth, will it disturb the nerves of our brain?

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Tooth extraction is actually a relatively safe procedure, as long as it is carried out with proper medical indications and by competent medical personnel. There are many underlying reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted, including if the tooth is infected, impacted (accumulated), wisdom teeth, jaw disorders, sinus problems, or serious periodontal disorders occur. Depending on the condition of the teeth, prior to tooth extraction, the doctor will generally examine your overall dental and oral health, or also recommend that you undergo further examinations, such as laboratory tests or panoramic x-rays, to assess whether there are conditions that need special treatment before, during, or after tooth extraction. In this way, the risk of serious complications following tooth extraction is generally avoided.

Some of the complications that can arise (although rarely) after tooth extraction include:

Bleeding; Generally it will stop in less than 48 hours after tooth extraction, but can also last longer, for example in infected teeth, or people with a history of blood clotting disorders
Infection; this condition can be characterized by the appearance of pus, pain, swelling, fever, and/or bad breath in the mouth after tooth extraction, to minimize this risk, doctors will generally prescribe antibiotics after tooth extraction

Dry socket (alveolar osteitis); The cause is the release of blood clots after tooth extraction which leaves an empty cavity in the former location of the tooth extraction that is painful and makes the wound fail to close.

Among the possible complications above, the one that fits your question is probably the third one, namely dry socket. As a result of a tooth extraction wound that fails to close, the empty cavity in the tooth extraction can leave the surrounding bones and nerves unprotected. This can cause you to experience extreme pain or numbness (numbness). Depending on the treatment given, this condition can be temporary, or it can be permanent. This condition can occur even if you only do one tooth extraction though.

Our advice, you consult directly with a dentist regarding the condition of your teeth and mouth. Through a thorough physical evaluation, the doctor will be able to determine whether it is necessary to remove almost all of your front teeth or not. In some cases, if sufficient root remains are found, dental fillings will generally be considered more than tooth extraction, unless there is an indication that requires it (as mentioned above). Consideration is of course done by paying attention to which benefits are better for the patient, whether by removing the tooth or retaining it. However, if it is true that it is necessary to extract a tooth, the dentist will do it with careful consideration and with the right procedure to prevent the risk of dangerous complications.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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