Complications That Can Be Caused By Diabetes?

Illustration of Complications That Can Be Caused By Diabetes?
Illustration: Complications That Can Be Caused By Diabetes?

Good evening I want to ask what causes hyperglycemia can cause microvascular and macrovascular complications? As well as the cause of the pulse not palpable in angiopathy patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus? Please answer:) Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Diabetes or high blood sugar levels is a chronic disease or a disease that lasts a long time. Apart from the condition that can not be cured, among which must be considered for this condition is the potential complications that can take place over time if the disease is not controlled and handled properly. This complication can cause various kinds of disorders that can reduce the quality of life of diabetics.

In general, complications caused by diabetes are divided into two, namely microvascular complications and macrovascular complications. What is meant by microvascular is a complication that attacks small blood vessels, and what is meant by macrovascular is a complication that attacks large blood vessels. Among the examples of microvascular complications are retinopathy which can lead to blindness, nephropathy which can lead to kidney failure and neuropathy which can result in the emergence of various neurological disorders, ranging from numbness, itching, pain, to impotence in men.

While macrovascular complications can form a heart attack, stroke and disruption of blood flow to parts of the body such as the feet, which can lead to decay and recurring wounds that are difficult to heal in people with diabetes.

Regarding your question, the mechanisms causing these complications vary depending on the type of complications, and are actually quite difficult to explain in layman's language. One example is in retinopathy, there is release of vasoproliferative agents, weakening of the capillary walls, also an increase in intralumen pressure. This can cause increased vascular permeability in the macula, which can lead to macular edema and endanger central vision. Furthermore, vasoactive substances such as vascular endothelial growth factor can also be released and trigger the growth of new but vulnerable blood vessels. These vulnerable blood vessels can then rupture, mix with fluid in the eyeball and trigger retinal detachment.

Different things occur in nephropathy, neuropathy, and macrovascular complications. If you want to find out more, you can turn to the following article about the pathophysiology of micro and macrovascular complications in Diabetes Mellitus which has a more in-depth explanation of the material. These articles can be used as references or stimulate your next search. Or you can also ask your seniors if this is related to academic activities.

However, if you act as a patient, what is important is that you always routinely check the patient, make sure all the drugs are consumed regularly, and report what happens when the control. In addition, help patients avoid their abstinence, and do not hesitate to ask the treating doctor if there is something that is not yet understood. So, hopefully answering your question.

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