Complications That Can Occur Due To Myoma Uteri?

Illustration of Complications That Can Occur Due To Myoma Uteri?
Illustration: Complications That Can Occur Due To Myoma Uteri?

Hello, I want to ask what are the complications of myoma?

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Hello Syahrina, thank you for asking

Before discussing myoma complications, please know about the understanding and symptoms of myoma. And the symptoms of this myoma can later cause complications. Myoma is an abnormal growth of tumor cells in the area around the uterus (womb), therefore in medical language it is often referred to as uterine myoma. Myoma is one tumor that is not cancerous or malignant, where the myoma is derived from the growth of uterine muscle cells that are not normal then the growth of these abnormal cells that will form tumors.

Symptoms that arise can vary according to each patient depending on the location and size of the myoma itself. Here are some symptoms that can appear in people with myoma:

The amount of menstruation is very much, usually patients can replace the pads more than 4 times a day
Having a long menstrual duration, menstruation can last more than 7 days
Severe pain during menstruation, pain experienced is usually unnatural until it can interfere with daily activities
Hip pain
Frequent urination

The following complications can arise in the myoma:

Myoma attached to the uterus can be twisted, causing severe acute pain, nausea, vomiting to fever. And this usually requires immediate treatment.
Myoma will continue to enlarge and can cause swelling in the stomach, and will compress the surrounding organs for example when pressing on the bladder, then you can experience frequent urination.

Iron deficiency anemia, anemia is a condition where the blood lacks hemoglobin levels. Hemoglobin has a function to deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Anemia occurs due to myoma sufferers will experience menstruation with large amounts of blood and long duration, thus causing considerable blood loss in a long period of time.
Disorders during pregnancy, for example when found myoma when you are pregnant then the myoma can interfere with labor and also the development of the baby.
Infertility or infertility or infertility

If you have this condition, you should immediately consult the condition with a gynecologist and obstetrician. So that proper handling can be done, before causing unwanted complications.

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