Confused By The Situation

Illustration of Confused By The Situation
Illustration: Confused By The Situation

Hi dokI want to ask, why do I sometimes tingling my left hand, in the chest sometimes it hurts like being punctured by a small jar not deep, and often feel the body often people are shocked again not shocked especially if no longer do activities while sleeping often feeling in the chest like holding back but not upset and consequently shocked body Thank you

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HelloAbiraptdi Abiraptdi, thank you for asking

The complaints that you experience can be due to the following things:

- Poly neuropathy / occurrence of disorders or diseases of the nerves in the body

- Electrolyte disturbances / imbalance of electrolyte levels in the body

- Vitamin B deficiency

- Anxiety disorders

-Diabetes. Can cause numbness, tingling, and pain due to interference with the nerves in the hand.

- Side effects of certain drugs

You can do a healthy lifestyle to help alleviate your complaints, namely by doing regular exercise, eating nutritious foods to prevent lack of nutritional and vitamin intake (increase consumption of healthy foods), stop smoking and not drinking alcoholic drinks, adequate rest, manage stress well, maintain ideal body weight, limit caffeine consumption. Due to the current epidemic of co-19, do the above tips at home to help alleviate your complaints. But if the complaint does not improve, then you can do an examination with a doctor.

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Thank you, hope that helps.

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