Confused, There Is No Sign That You Have Been Immunized With Bcg?

Illustration of Confused, There Is No Sign That You Have Been Immunized With Bcg?
Illustration: Confused, There Is No Sign That You Have Been Immunized With Bcg?

good afternoon .. during control time at the hospital my ank was 6 days old and was given the bcg n polio vaccine .. now it’s been 2 weeks .. but on the right arm no lumps appeared n signs of successful bcg immunization .. do you need to give it again ?? trim …

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Hello Mrs. Astari.

Thank you for the question.

The BCG vaccine (Bacille Calmette-Guerin) is a vaccine that is injected to protect against severe tuberculosis infection. Severe tuberculosis infection means tuberculosis of the lining of the brain, tuberculosis of the bones, and miliary tuberculosis (attacks all parts of the lungs and body).

I will explain a little about tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is an infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease is transmitted through mucus secreted by tuberculosis sufferers when coughing. Tuberculosis is divided into 2, namely pulmonary tuberculosis and outside the lungs (extra lung). Tuberculosis in the lungs has typical symptoms, including:

be more than or equal to 21 days of significant weight loss cough sometimes accompanied by night sweats Risk factors for tuberculosis include:

People with weakened immune systems, such as people with HIV / AIDS, diabetes, or people who are on chemotherapy or long-term corticosteroid therapy. People who are malnourished. Smoker. Drug addicts. People who have frequent contact with people with TB, for example medical workers or families. The tuberculosis outside the lungs or in medical language is called extra lung, namely:

tuberculosis of the lining of the brain or brain and spinal cord tuberculosis of the bones tuberculosis of the glands of tuberculosis of the digestive tract tuberculosis of the urinary tract If tuberculosis is not treated or treatment is not complete, it will cause complications. The complications of tuberculosis infection include:

joint damage inflammation of the lining of the brain backbone pain due to tuberculosis infection with liver, kidney, or heart disorders Tuberculosis is not only transmitted through breathing air that is contaminated with tuberculosis but in extra pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis germ infection can be obtained by:

eating food or drinking drinks contaminated with tuberculosis germs following the bloodstream following the flow of lymph or lymph nodes. Ideally, the injection of the BCG vaccine will leave a mark due to the injection in the skin. In addition, the response from the immune system will cause sores or ulcers on the skin where the BCG puncture. This is a normal situation.

However, if there are no cuts or ulcers on the skin, the mother need not worry. The BCG vaccine will still protect the mother's baby, so that the vaccine does not need to be repeated.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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