Constipation During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Constipation During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Constipation During Pregnancy?

I am pregnant with a womb of 11w, almost 3 weeks of not having a bowel movement, the body feels weak and the stomach feels full … water is also lacking in drinking because it feels nauseous when swallowed … are there other solutions besides drinking water? Thank you

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Difficult conditions BAB in pregnant women do often occur, associated with high levels of the hormone progesterone in pregnant women. Progesterone has a relaxing effect on muscles, which decreases the movement of the digestive tract muscles which causes food to run in the intestine longer so that more water absorption and constipation occur.

However, constipation can also occur or be aggravated due to lack of fiber consumption, lack of fluid consumption, often withstand bowel movements, certain underlying diseases (such as gastrointestinal blockage, or the effect of drugs to decrease bowel movements)

What you should do is:

Expand the consumption of fiber, which is sourced from fruits and vegetables
Consume at least 2 liters of fluid per day
Consumption of probiotics
Iron tablets are generally consumed by pregnant women, which can cause constipation and discomfort in the stomach. For this reason, you should consult the consumption of iron tablets with your obstetrician, to get the best advice, participants can determine alternative blood booster supplements that do not cause constipation.
If these methods do not improve, you should check with your obstetrician for further tracking whether there is a disease related to your constipation. If additional tracking is needed, the doctor may carry out investigations to you or refer you to a particular specialist according to a suspected disease.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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