Constipation In People With Jaundice.?

Halo.wr.wb I want to ask that I have jaundice, and now my skin and the color of my eyes and urine are not too yellow and my stools are also yellow not pale anymore, and now I have difficulty defecating.

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Yellow disease is a condition where the body appears more yellow than normal because of the increase in bilirubin in the body above the normal threshold. Bilirubin is a yellow substance which is formed from the breakdown of old red blood cells in the liver and will be drained from bile to help digest food in the intestine. Under certain conditions, bilirubin in the body can increase due to impaired function, infection, inflammation or blockage of the hepatobiliary system and blood.

Patients with yellow complaints will experience comorbid complaints in the form of fever, abdominal pain, hands and eyes appear yellow, urine is more turbid and reddish / orange, bowel can be white or pale, swelling in the body; however, all this depends on the main cause of the complaint felt by the patient.

Some of the conditions below, can cause yellow complaints on the patient's body in general, such as:

Hepatitis infection
Hemolytic anemia or rupture of abnormal red blood cells
Hepatic cirrhosis or damage to liver tissue
Tumors of the liver, pancreas or bile duct tumors

Regarding the question you asked, if you were previously diagnosed with jaundice by the doctor who treated you and you feel your body's complaints look more yellow, pale stools, and urine more yellow, then you should know the cause of jaundice that you experience. By knowing the cause of this jaundice, the evaluation of improvement and recovery as you experience it can now be known.

With the improvement of complaints that you feel from the yellow complaints, the recovery process in general is going well. So if your jaundice is caused by hepatitis infection or bile duct obstruction, then to find out the recovery and improvement of the causes of jaundice that you feel it still requires direct examination by a doctor who treats you.

If the cause of jaundice is caused by infection with hepatitis or obstruction of the bile duct, then the doctor will plan further tests either blood tests, bilirubin, liver function, radiology or ultrasound. So that you can definitely know the recovery process that you are undergoing from the inspection data carried out. Next the doctor can plan the further treatment needed to support this recovery process.

Therefore, you should visit your doctor to discuss the clinical improvements that you feel. And even though the recovery process is going well, you should still maintain the health recovery effort that you have done well according to your doctor's recommendations.

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