Constipation That Never Heals.?

Illustration of Constipation That Never Heals.?
Illustration: Constipation That Never Heals.?

why yes why my stomach is constipated for days, even though my bowel movements are smooth ,, at first I ate kale and then became constipated for days

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Hello Ni'mah, Thank you for the question.

Do you mean by constipation complaints? Constipation or constipation is a disruption in the process of defecation / disposal of stool in the form of stool consistency that becomes harder and the frequency of defecation is less than usual (less than 3 times a week). If your bowel is smooth or regular and does not become fewer than 3 times per week, then what you experience is not constipation. Do you mean stomach ache? If yes, where do you feel this stomachache complaint? Have you experienced other complaints? Complaints of stomach pain can be caused by the following conditions:

stomach acid disease
inflammation of the bile
inflammation of the intestine
pelvic inflammation
urinary tract infection
and others

Please consult your doctor immediately so the doctor can do a question and answer session and conduct an examination on you to find the cause. Further emphasis will be given by the doctor according to the conditions that cause these symptoms. You are also advised to:

continue to consume fibrous foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts
multiply water consumption
avoid the habit of holding BAK
keep on the move
Avoid consuming spicy and oily foods
Avoid consuming caffeinated, fizzy, and alcoholic drinks
do a warm compress on the affected area

If what you mean is another complaint, you can create a new question on this page.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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