Consuming Milk And Vitamins While Pregnant?

Illustration of Consuming Milk And Vitamins While Pregnant?
Illustration: Consuming Milk And Vitamins While Pregnant?

Hello … Want to ask … Have you already drunk milk for pregnant women … Do you still need to take extra vitamins ???

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During pregnancy, a mother is in need of lots of nutrients, and some of these nutrients are very important to be fulfilled in order to meet the needs of both the mother and the fetal snag itself.

Pregnant milk that is generally sold on the market generally contains several important nutrients needed, such as calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, protein and iodine. In general, the selection of milk is also determined by the nutritional needs of the mother and fetus individually, so it must be determined in advance how much your needs are, and then adjust it to the pregnancy milk that you are consuming.

For vitamin supplements themselves, this should be based on the consideration of the obstetrician after seeing various conditions, history and your nutritional intake so far. If there are certain conditions that require more certain nutritional intake or your nutritional intake has not been fulfilled only with the pregnancy milk you consume, then it is likely that your doctor will recommend you to take some additional supplements to help you meet their needs.

For now, pay close attention to the milk you use and make sure the milk you choose is right for you. If you have difficulty in choosing you, you can read how to choose it in the following article. In the meantime, do not use any additional supplements first, until there is a clear recommendation from your doctor.

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