Consumption Of Chili And Garlic For Endometriosis Sufferers?

Illustration of Consumption Of Chili And Garlic For Endometriosis Sufferers?
Illustration: Consumption Of Chili And Garlic For Endometriosis Sufferers?

I want to ask, what exactly is the food that can and should not be consumed by endometriosis sufferers? Because there is too much confusion. R nDo chillies and garlic not included? R nThanks for the answer

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Endometriosis is a disease in the female reproductive system where uterine tissue grows outside the uterine cavity. The problem is because the uterine tissue that grows outside the place it should also experience menstruation as well as the uterus, so you can imagine if normal menstruation is painful, this is compounded by the menstruation that occurs outside the uterus. Even so, there are some women who do not feel anything during menstruation, this is because pain is subjective and can be interpreted differently in each person.

Until now, no one can be sure about the causes of endometriosis. There is a theory which states that this is related to cell movement, immune system disorders and abnormal menstrual blood flow, but there is still no way to determine the cause. So far the risk has increased in women who have:

Family history with similar complaints
History has never given birth
Abnormalities in the uterus
History of consumption of alcoholic beverages
Short menstrual cycle
Having had your period since you were young

So regarding your question, because the reason is also not yet known, and even the factors that increase the risk are not related to food, it can be said that there are no restrictions, or no food that should not be consumed by people with endometriosis. Be it chili, garlic, or other foods, there is no absolute prohibition for sufferers to consume these foods. Even in terms of treatment, accurate treatment is still lacking, and is centered on reducing symptoms, increasing fertility, and preventing recurrence with pain medications, hormone therapy, and surgery. So, hopefully answering your question.

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