Consumption Of Cold Medicine And Cough With Phenylpropanolamine Content In 4 Weeks Pregnant Women?

I am only 4 weeks pregnant, I am coughing colds, can I take Antiza medicine? Is it dangerous for the womb?

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The existence of a pregnancy that has been running for about 4 weeks and currently you are in a condition of flu-cough, so you should do a direct examination to your family doctor or your obstetrician to get treatment and care. This is to find out your clinical condition and ensure that you have a mild cough complaint, so your doctor can provide treatment that suits your current clinical condition.
Whenever you take cough medicine, you should not choose cough medicine independently without your doctor's recommendation. And if at this time you will or have already taken medicine with that brand, then there is a drug that is included in category C within the scope of pregnancy safety. This category C shows that exposure to this drug in animals shows side effects on the fetus but there is no strong evidence in humans, so if the drug is used for pregnant women with greater benefits, and under medical supervision, then this drug can be used.
Like the composition of this drug that contains phenylpropanolamine which has side effects in the form of:
1. sleepy
2. dizzy
3. headache
4. insomnia
5. shaking
6. nausea
7. sweating
8. palpitations
Therefore, every pregnant woman in general is allowed to consume the drug, but the drug consumed must be with the recommendation of a doctor who checks or treats it. It aims to determine whether there are side effects of drugs and supervision of maternal and fetal health conditions. Likewise with this cold and cough medicine, it still requires supervision from your doctor, so that the doctor can provide an examination, treatment to help restore your health condition, prevent complaints from prolonging, prevent the risk of weight loss due to side effects of the drug and maintain the health condition of your fetus . The longer you are sick, your physical condition and stamina will decrease, and this must be taken.
For now, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:
1. first stop taking this drug until you see your doctor
2. avoid physical fatigue
3. avoid sleeping late
4. avoid fried foods, instant foods or snacks that aggravate this complaint
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